February 29, 2008

Project to watch

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XBMC on OS X is definitely a project to watch! A lot of progress has already been made.


December 14, 2007


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I have been using parallels desktop for some time. But after upgrading to Leopard there has been lots of issues. However, Parallels has just updated to version 5582 and it seems like most of my issues have been resolved. Yay!

For example, I can now access my windows drives from the mac whilst windows is running. That did not work before, I got some error from MacFuse telling me that the filesystems was not responding.

November 26, 2007


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I’m using Boot Camp on my MacBook pro and sometimes when in windows, I need to access my files on the HFS+ drive. That has been tedious at best or expensive. But now, thanks to HFSexplorer I can extract my files! Yay!

May 15, 2007

Bonjour Browser

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I needed to obtain an ip on a Bonjour connected printer. Apple’s printer utility doesn’t seem to show the ip so I went to google and was directed to Bonjour Browser. It solved my problem and allowed me to browse the bonjour services on the local network and display technical information about all services. Very nice.

April 15, 2007

Watir on mac os x

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I’ve been toying a bit with getting watir to run on my Mac. It’s not easy, as watir is written for IE on windows. However, a bit of google-fu sends me in the direction of safariwatir but it seems that Safari support is a bit flaky. I was unable to much with frames with no names.

Other options seems to include firewatir, and thanks to this link I was able to install jSSH on my Firefox – very nice. Now, on to getting watir to use firewatir.

March 1, 2007

Changing the default sshd port on tiger

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This hint is very useful.

January 17, 2007

Terminal emulator

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I just noticed that the iTerm project has released a version above 0.8, which was the last version I tried. And it is much better now than I remember it. I’m currently giving it a whirl and it seems nice.

Mmm… tabbed terminals!

December 23, 2006

ZFS on Mac OS X.

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I can’t wait: TheMacHackers.com » Blog Archive » ZFS on Mac OS X 10.5 – a closer Look. That could prove really useful for Mac OS X. Heres hoping the Time Machine of 10.5 is going to use ZFS features for backup instead of full file copies (I read that somewhere, can’t remember where — not sure if it is true)

November 28, 2006

OS X Tiger 10.4 process limits solution

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So, my previous posting on process limits was insufficient for OS X 10.4. But luckily, Phillip’s Ponderings: OS X Tiger 10.4 process limits solution presents a nice an clean way to handle this icky-poo situation. Hopefully, it will work now!

November 24, 2006

A solution for Mac OS X process limits

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I often run into the a very obnoxious error from my Terminal:

-bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

A solution to this problem came from this link: macosxhints.com – A solution for Mac OS X process limits, along with an explanation. Very good.

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