November 30, 2006

Firefox plugins on Mac OS X

Posted in Firefox at 9:26 by djn

After having some problems with Firefox plugins on Mac OS X I stumbled across PluginDoc: MacOS X which quite plainly shows what plugins work in Firefox. /me like.


November 29, 2006

Finally updated to Firefox 2.0

Posted in Firefox at 13:27 by djn

I updated to Firefox 2.0 today as the Web Developer Toolbar extension finally includes Firefox 2 support. Yay!

On a related note, I’m currently experimenting with plugins for Firefox. Here is a list of my installed plugins:

Also, as a Mac OS X theme, I have installed grApple’s Eos theme.

May 10, 2006

Firefox Extensions For Web Development

Posted in Firefox at 9:51 by djn

The list at The Moleskin introduced some Firefox extensions that I didn’t know about. Screen Grap is nifty, as is Firebug.