June 4, 2009

Shortcut to console on VMs in ESXi

Posted in Geeky at 13:48 by djn

I’ve been annoyed that to access the console of a running virtual machine, I must open VMware Infrastructure Client, login to the host and find server and then click open console.

Luckily VMware Remote Console (available via VMware server or VMware Workstation) supports connecting to ESXi.

I create a shortcut pointing to:

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\VMware Remote Console Plug-in\vmware-vmrc.exe" -h esxhost -u user -p password -m "[myDatastore] myDir/myServer.vmx"

And voila! shortcut to a console 🙂 To obtain the argument to -m, I opened the settings view via Infrastructure Client, clicked “Options” and copied the field “Virtual Machine Configuration File”.

Hope this helps someone else!



  1. Rater said,

    I have VMware server 2.0.0. This method does not work on my environment.

    “E:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VMware\VMware Remote Console Plug-in\vmware-vmrc.exe” -h alla:8333 -u u -p 1 -m “[C] Virtual Machines/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.vmx”

    Error message: bad user or password.

    user u and password 1, – its works for standard generated vm shortcut.

    What is wrong?

  2. djn said,

    I’m not sure, I have not tested with vmware server 2.0.0, only ESXi (3.x actually). At work we do not use VMware server so I cannot test it.

    But given that vmware-vmrc.exe reports bad user or password, it would seem that at least some of the API’s needed are present. Perhaps a permission thing with your user u ?


  3. […] Someone apparently had the same problem (The internet is a great counselor; it provides relief to grief by telling you that someone out there shares the same fate as you) and gave a solution. Thanks! For this we need VMware Remote Console from either Workstation or Server; I only attempted this with Server though. […]

  4. HC said,

    Do you have to install Server or Workstation to get this to work or can you just have the files in the C drive?

  5. Rater said,

    HC, I have installed VMware server 2.0.0 correctly.

  6. kweyna said,

    that was exactly what i been looking for .. Are planing to migrate from VMWare server2 to ESXi 4 and this just makes life a bit nicer for the users that just want to get to the remote desktop without having to go through the vSphere Client..

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